Client Testimonials

21 Day Detox Challenge (January 2015)  


Good  Afternoon Ray


I wanted to let you know that you have transformed my life with this 21 Day Detox program.


I really didn't have any trepidation about starting this detox because I was ready to change

my eating habits.


I was letting my "addiction" to coca cola (Coke) run my life.  I would try and quit and the most

I ever made it was 2 weeks.  I could cut down but even then I was still having 3 - 4 a week.

I, unfortunately, love the REAL deal when it comes to Coke and so the sugar (and sodium)

was playing havoc with my body.  Of course, my chocolate consumption was above normal

as well.


Then you wandered in work and changed my life with this detox program.  I have had ONE

Coke craving in the 21 days!  Amazing!  I was committed to making this work and it did.


My positive outcome includes (among others):


I can wear jeans I haven't worn for years.  No more puffy, bloated feeing and my stomach

is gone.  :)


My heart has quit racing when climbing stairs or hills.


I used to get TREMENDOUS ear pain when sleeping and it would wake me up several

times a month.  GONE!  I don't know if the sugar or the sodium was the culprit, but it's no

longer an issue.  A HUGE side benefit to me on this detox. 


I have TONS OF ENERGY and wake up rested and ready to go.


My complexion is better than it has been for a long time.  The redness is almost nonexistent

now and I look more rested.


I don't weigh, but I know by the way my clothes fit, that I have lost at least 10 lbs.  Woohoo!


Getting your e-mails almost every day helped keep me motivated and gave me a ton of

wonderful nutrition information.  Thanks for your support and help through it all. 


Ray, PLEASE spread the word about this WONDERFUL, HEALTHY program.  Feel free

to give anyone my phone number who has any questions or would like to know if this

really works.  IT REALLY WORKS! 


I still don't crave Coke but I know myself well enough to know that if I don't think I can ever have

one again that is all I will think about.  So, with your help, I have the willpower to know I can

have one occasionally and not fall back into my old habits.  The daily craving is gone.








21 Day Detox Challenge (October 2014)


Name: Jeff M.                                          


Start Date: September 15, 2014                  Beginning Weight: #257

End Date: October 7, 2014                           End Weight: #241                 Total Weight Loss: 12 lbs.


Please provide as much honest detail and feedback as you’re comfortable with…

1.  What were you fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in the 21-Day Detox Challenge?


I was afraid I would give up part way through. I have never been successful at any kind of diet in the past and was concerned I would sabotage myself.


2. What did you think of the Detox Workshop and 21-Day Detox Manual?


It was comprehensive and helpful. I learned more about the “Why I should do this” than I expected. I anticipated more “What you should do”.


3. Were you pleased with the support that was provided? Please elaborate…


I was very pleased with the support that was provided. That is what helped me make it through and change my habits. Mr. Franklin was optimistic throughout the process and helped me want to keep moving forward.


4. What positive “side effects” did you notice during the 21-Day Detox Challenge?

(i.e., better sleep, better digestion/elimination, decreased/eliminated acne, clothes fit better/got into jeans that didn’t fit prior, enjoyed healthy foods, increased energy, improved sense of well-being, etc.)


  • Weight loss: I found great success in losing weight. It is so nice to have people notice when you are looking better, and having to dig out my old “skinny” belt because the current belt was wrapping halfway around my waist and looked ridiculous. Some of my clothes have sat in my closet for 5 years and are now in use. It feels great!

  • Fatigue: In the past I would get very tired in the afternoon. I would usually get home from work, lay on the couch and take a nap until dinnertime, but I found I wasn’t tired in the middle of the day at all. I would get home and feel like being active. Usually I would go for a bike ride with my son or go play tennis with my daughter. It felt great to be awake and doing something proactive.

  • Sleep: I found that at night I sleep better. I am sure a combination of my eating habits and my increased activity have put my whole body in a better pattern. I fall asleep almost immediately and wake up refreshed.


5. What would you say to a friend considering the 21-Day Detox Challenge at Fitness Revolution?


Give it a shot! It can have a significant impact on your entire wellbeing.

You have nothing to lose but weight.


6. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about the 21-Day Detox Challenge?


Thanks to Ray Franklin for your encouragement. Your attitude and support made this possible.



7. May we use your comments as a promotional testimonial for the 21-Day Detox Challenge?


            Please Circle One:                  YES                  NO, thank you.




21 Day Detox Challenge (November 2014)


Dear Ray,


I want to thank you for helping me get started in transforming my life.  I know this is a beginning for me.  My journey the last few weeks has been amazing!


Before I started the 21 day detox, I thought I had a lot of energy.  Now, when I reflect on the “energy” I had, I realize it was sugar and caffeine that kept me going.  Since detoxing, my energy has been even—not just the caffeine buzz in the morning that I used to get.  Before the detox, I would need to keep “refueling” with sugary foods throughout the day.


I was nervous to begin this journey.  I have been a diet-coke drinker for many years.  How would I survive without it?  Well, I took the challenge and I am so happy that I did.  In the first few days of the detox I didn’t think I could stick with it.  I soon found, however, that when I was feeding my body the foods that it really needed, I felt much better!   Here are some of my results:

·         I lost 13 pounds in 21 days! BONUS!!!

·         I don’t feel bloated and I have a flatter stomach and butt!

·         My wedding ring fits again!  (Yes, even my fingers were swollen from eating the wrong foods for so long)

·         My head is clear!

·         I don’t have to run to the gas station twice a day to “refuel” with caffeine!

·         I have tons more energy! 

·         I don’t get the afternoon energy slump when I get home from work.

·         I am not hungry between meals at all.  When I eat right, my body works right.  Who knew?!!!

·         I don’t get a caffeine headache from not drinking soda all day.

·         I don’t get cranky and snap at little things. 

But wait . . . there’s more!  I mentioned earlier that I tried every diet that was out there.  I joined Weight Watchers (and started and stopped and started and stopped and started once more and stopped again) and had no success.  I would lose a few pounds at first, but after a few short weeks I got tired of not seeing results.  I even gained weight following the program.  I was following their program exactly. It was just that—again-- I was not feeding my body the foods it needs to have energy. I would be hungry, tired, and irritable all while counting “points” and checking off boxes of what was on the program.   


My self-esteem would always suffer because that was just one more time that I “failed” at a diet.  What was I failing at?  I had will power.  I got tired of throwing money away on a program that didn’t work.  I know that when I lost weight at Weight Watchers, it was muscle I was losing and water weight.   And, I never had this level of energy!    


I forgot to mention my complexion in all this.  By removing all the junk I was putting in my body, I started seeing a transformation in my skin.  My skin has always been pretty clear, but I began to notice that the redness in my face was dissipating.  I look years younger after just a few weeks.


I continue to learn new things about my relationship with food.  Again, this is a journey.  I am excited to see where this journey continues to lead me.


This journey is not over for me at all.  I am still discovering so much about how my body reacts to certain foods. Before this 21 day detox I had done every diet on the planet.  I just never learned to eat the foods that were good for me in the right amounts and combinations.  Will power was never a problem with a diet—the problem is that when your body starts starving itself, it shuts down and the brain suffers. 


I am still learning!  I really love what this detox has done for me physically, emotionally, and yes, even spiritually.  Thank you for helping me begin on this incredible journey!


Thanks again!










Fitness Challenge Testimonial


Doing the fitness challenge I learned from Ray to focus on the little victories and at the end of the challenge I had lost 4 ½ “ and 2 lbs – so I’m on my way.    I’m also stronger – able to do push-ups on my toes; which I was not able to do in proper form at the beginning of the challenge.


Just think - you actually have a personal trainer in each and every class you attend.  Proper form is always stressed and Ray ensures this.  The workouts always vary – so no time to get bored.     So – if you are ready to get working out – try a class at Timeless Fitness with Ray Franklin.


-Charlene Smith- Winner of the Spring 2014 Challenge


Fitness Challenge Testimonial


I did not join the Body Transformation to lose weight, but to gain stamina. I am a Type II Diabetic, with high blood sugar readings. I have not been exercising like I am supposed to. The body transformation helped me to see how badly out of shape I was.  

The program helped me focus on getting back on track as far as exercise goes and do the right kind of exercises. I am adding water based exercise to the mix for the summer, a combination of water aerobics, lap swimming and water walking against a current. I plan to come back in the fall and be far ahead of where I left off. Thanks Ray for helping me get back on track with my exercise.  -Deborah Schultz



Fitness Challenge Testimonial- 2014


Before joining Timeless Fitness, I was exercising moderately on my own, walking mostly. What I was lacking was strength training. I was not motivated to do it on my own, BORING! Yet, at 50, I knew how important strength training was for the health of my bones. I signed up for the 6 week fitness challenge and I discovered how much fun it is to work out with a group! Not only did the challenge provide me with accountability to show up, which I needed, but amazing personal coaching as well.


Ray Franklin has a passion for fitness and it shows. There is so much variety in the classes and he makes it fun! The best parts are the results. I feel stronger, I AM stronger. My posture is amazing, I breathe deeper, and I feel more love for myself because I am giving this gift to my body. I am stronger in other areas of my life because I feel stronger physically. I have learned what I need to stick to an exercise plan; a decision and people to do it with. 


I would highly recommend Timeless Fitness to anyone wanting to look and feel fabulous! 


-Jodi Goddard



Fitness Challenge Testimonial- 2014


Before I started the fitness challenge, I did not keep a food log nor did I read nutrition labels and calories. I wanted to start eating healthy in order to keep the pounds off and hopefully shed some pounds. I tried working out on my own and took a short nutrition class, but I never held myself accountable. So essentially, I knew what needed to be done but was lacking the environment to accomplish it. Ray's fitness challenge helped me set the time aside to work out, put me in contact with others struggling to implement a program, and keep me accountable for both workouts and diet.


The food log is something I didn't think I could stick to and incorporate into day-to-day life. Yet I have been keeping the food log on up-to-date and feeling better about my nutritional habits. The workouts have been wonderful since I have scheduled dates and times and Ray plans the actual workouts. I love the fact that I have others I look forward to working out with too!

Looking at more than pounds and inches as results, I'd say my results from the 6 week challenge is making the lifestyle change to workout and eat healthy consistently. I thought I was always too busy to squeeze workouts and eating healthy into my life, but the challenge set the foundation and proved that I can fit being healthy into my life.  I feel more energetic and healthier than I did 6 weeks ago. My body is changing in that I'm toning up and actually have better balance due to the strength training. I'm not bulky with huge muscles, but I do have more muscle mass.

-Kellie Berube Spratlin


Fitness Challenge Testimonial 2014


The Timeless Fitness Challenge was just what I needed to jump start the new year. During the eight week challenge I lost five pounds and 2.4% body fat. More importantly I feel stronger, I have improved my endurance for running, and even my posture is better. Strength training was the missing link in my fitness routine. The workouts are challenging but not too difficult for a beginner, everybody works at their own pace. Just when you think you have mastered a workout they change it up. I highly recommend any of the classes Timeless Fitness offers, you will feel the difference. 


Misty Goss- Winner of the Winter Challenge2014



Fitness Challenge Testimonial


This note is to tell you how great the “Franklin Fitness Challenge” was for Debbie and I. The 8 week program helped us refocus on the importance of a regular exercise program along with the development of good health habits including diet and mental attitude. An extra bonus was developing a new group of friends with the same goals and interests when it comes to personal fitness.


Everyone supported everyone else. It did not matter where you started from in terms of your physical conditioning; everyone made progress and had a good time doing it (except for a few sore muscles). Brittney and you are great trainers, coaches, teachers and support people. Every session was a positive experience. We felt that it was great working through the different fitness programs, i.e., Total Body, Kettle Bells, Yoga and Boot Camp, and the changing exercises with each program.


The class never got boring and the music selections were awesome. The side classes (Metabolism 101, Nutrition 101, Grocery Lists, Eating during the Holidays, etc.) were very helpful and added to the “class” concept.So what did we accomplish?- Made new friends-


Learned more about our bodies and what they can do with proper training, nutrition and the right mental attitude no matter how old you are- Learned how to document realistic progress through monitoring weight, measurements, heart rate and caloric intake and usage- Increased chest, arms, thighs and exercise capacity- Decreased resting pulse, waist, hips, weight and body fat- Eating a much healthier diet-


Developed a whole new respect for Yoga- Learned how to do all of this with minimal equipment- Learned everything that we did not want to know about Kettle Bells- Learned the value of great trainers- Reprioritized physical health in our lives with an ongoing commitment to continue exercising- Received an awesome “Franklin Fitness” workout shirt- Had a great, shared experience


Thanks again Ray and Brittney!


Debdie (age 58) and Bob Whipple (age 67)



Fitness Challenge Testimonial


After 8 weeks at Franklin Fitness I have lost a total of 10 pounds and 4 pant sizes. I have more energy throughout the day and I am in the best shape on my life. Thank you to Ray Franklin and Brittney Atkin for everything you did for me in the past 8 weeks!


Zach Hansen (age 30)





When I first started at Franklin Fitness doing the Body Matrix Boot Camp I could barely do 2 push-ups on my toes. Eight weeks later I was able to do 22 push-ups! After just eight weeks, I was able to lose ten pounds and I feel so much better about myself. Frankie sets up a new circuit every other week and never stops challenging you. He pushes you to the limit and shows you that you can go so much farther than you ever thought possible.


When I first started I was very self -conscious about my body and my weight, I was tired all the time and I drank a lot of caffeine all day long just to make it through. Now I feel great about myself and I have more energy than I know what to do with and I have also kicked the caffeine habit!


Thank You Franklin Fitness!


Morgan Anderson Age 20




I love the variety of Body Matrix Boot Camp! Strength, cardio, flexibility and balance make for a great workout! Being in the class motivates me to work harder than I ever would by myself. I look forward to going and feel like I have really worked hard when I leave! Good combination!


Ray- Thanks for the constant motivation.


Lisa Reed


Great Variety


Ray Franklin’s Yoga/Exercise class is fantastic! The class combines yoga with a strength section and usually throws in abs as well. By the end of the class you always have a great sense of accomplishment. Ray’s encouragement can’t be beat and going to his class is always something to look forward too. Even when you’re tired at the end of the day you go to his class because it is so much fun.


The music that we exercise to is always changing and great. It’ll be Blues one night, 60’s the next time and calming instrumentals another. The people in the class are a wonderful mix and few moments pass when someone isn’t cracking a joke. Even though the class lasts 75 to 90 minutes, it’s over before you know it. We can whole heartedly recommend Ray’s class for anyone.


Steve and Melody Philpot


Over 50


Being a middle aged male over 50, Yoga was not even a consideration for me until I attended Ray’s fitness class at SJHS. I had tried a few different exercise type classes with my wife Lisa and on my own when I travel, but yoga never felt right. I like to exercise and try to stay in shape, however I am not disciplined enough to exercise regularly on my own. My weight and waste line would fluctuate and gravity was taking effect. "Fluffy" defined my winter body condition.Yoga has helped increase my flexibility and I feel more toned. I look forward to attending class, and feel disappointed when my work schedule takes me out of town. The class has people of my own age and interests, and is something that Lisa and I can still enjoy doing together after 30 years of marriage. This past December, I had a serious injury and credit yoga with helping me recover much quicker than I ever could have without it.I am looking forward to an active lifestyle, without a midlife crisis.


Thanks for your positive encouragement and friendship.


Ron Reed


" I am sold on the benefits of actively participating in yoga and strength training programs that help me strengthen my body so that I can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. At age 65, I appreciate the care and attention that the instructors take in recognizing the limitations I have in doing some of the exercises and activities and suggesting alternative tools that help me to move past my current limitations."


Joseph Leiker- Retiree and Timeless Fitness Client.